Project Details

some of the features implemented in the project

Database Schema

Used AWS RDS to store data.

Student Dashboard

1. Search for job postings (using company names or job titles)
2. Filter job search results based on category (Full time, Part time, On Campus, Internship) and location (city)
3. Click and view a Job posting description
4. Click on the company name to view company profile (description and contact information).
5. Apply for a Job opening by uploading Resume document (PDF) and clicking Submit Application button

Student profile page

1. Display complete profile of a student (basic details, career objective, education, experience, skillset, profile picture)
2. Upload profile picture
3. Update basic details (name, date of birth, city, state, country) and Career Objective
4. Update Education Details (College name, Location, Degree, Major, Year of passing, current CGPA)
5. Update Experience details (Company name, Title, Location, Start & End dates, Work description)
6. Update Contact Information (email id, phone number)
7. Update Skillset information

Job Applications page

1. View list of all the job postings applied (along with application date, application status)
2. Filter the applications based on the application status – Pending, Reviewed, Declined

View Events Page

1. View list of upcoming events in the order of increasing date
2. Search for event (using event name)
3. Click and view event details
4. Register for an event (only if eligible)
5. View list of registered events